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oye robert podrias hacer que el servidor de mairo maker funcione te lo agradeceria me mandas el link del mairo maker arreglado

Ahah cancelled by nintendo but downloadable !


Your work is incredible , try to donate and could not do without a credit card a shame : c anyway I can help with graphics interface for nesesitas something if you let me know !!

thanks men, but sorry this project was cancelled because nintendo copyrights. here is my new game based on this game but isnt the same. Super maker .

This new game isnt just super mario games. this wiil have more gameplays and styles in the future :) but the old game (mairo maker servers) still working :)

And if you want to donate, you can do it directly in this link. thanks for the support :)

Donate >

I'm a bit confused, how did you expect to donate without using a credit card? Money teleportation? Lol. 

I think this is strange but, how did you get the server? Is it something in your house? Is it bought? Is it free?

hi, is a server that i bought for another projects but works for this game too. greetings!


This project is really impressive. I like it. Do you use Photon or another system for network? Could it be possible to get the source code later?

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Hi I used WWW class for connect to a WebServer where i storing the levels in a Database. this game dont have any Unity's Multiplayer networking or Photon. :) The Souce code now is a little chaos :P this need a little modification and documentation. when the project is finished maybe i going to release the SourceCode.